Mountain Biking in Tuscany, Italy

The numerous roads, paths and trails make Maremma Tuscany, Italy, a paradise for cyclists and mountain bikers. Here in the middle of Tuscany one finds the small town of Montieri and  one of the first hotels in Tuscany to offer activity holidays.  The hotel Prategiano is an ideal starting point for beautiful bike tours.

The road network spreading over Maremma offers an amazing variety of mountain bike tours in Tuscany. Tarred roads suited to the sensitive and thin and wheels of expert roadsters, dirt byroads for more trekking bicycles and single trails for mountain bikers looking for wild itineraries through the thick evergreen vegetation. To the more exacting bikers the Tuscany offers cues and occasions of great technical content. You will find detailed maps and GPS tracks of the best routes. There are several hotels specialized in active holidays, offering good service for mountain bikers, cyclists and horseback riders.

In Maremma Toscana one can find all conditions to enjoy and train biking with the commitment which marks the professional as well as the amateur. Good weather patterns nearly all year long are creating absolutely privileged situation for all mountain bikers and cyclists. In wintertime many teams of professional cyclists choose this region for their training getting ready for the summer season. Wavy roads to train on quality and changes of the pace, many kilometers across the plain to train cross country cycling, long and demanding ascent for the climbers on the slopes of the mountains, a veritable training ground for mountain bikers and road-racing cyclists. An amazing environment invite the mountain bikers and cyclists to explore the territory by slow Movement. To the cycling tourists belong quiet and solitary people, committed cyclists, cheerful parties of friends, fun-loving people looking for taverns as well as families with children preferring active holidays. Everyone of them can find in Tuscany enough outdoor space to make their own biking dreams come true.

The lovers of MTB ride along single trails and paths which disappear deep into the Mediterranean evergreen bush. This vegetation consists of densely growing evergreen shrubs such as kermes oak, strawberry tree, sage, juniper, buckthorn, spurge olive and myrtle. Well tarred roads, dirt tracks and trails represent the network used by bikers to draw a web of routes on the soil of this Tuscany seemingly invented to be discovered by bike. Soft and invisible trails playing with unexpected tracks and with the force of gravity.

A biking holiday in Tuscany of many stages, many different moments, having the taste of an altogether Italian experience: from the glass of wine in a tavern to the coffee drunk at a square cafe as well as to the great cycle tours along dirt tracks fringed with cypresses and pines and among olive groves and vineyards. These bike adventures in Tuscany will remain in your heart and will fuel the yearning to return as soon as possible.



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